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Our mission, and indeed our passion is to promote the public awareness of honey bees, educate potential beekeepers, and provide beekeeping assistance to those less fortunate.

We are pleased to announce our "HONEY DEPOT" beekeeping store in Louisville, KY is OPEN -- Please drop by and visit us

14005 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, KY  40299

( Located 3/4 mile East of the I-265 on Taylorsville Road just past South Pope Lick Road )

About Us

What do we do


Produce and Sell Raw Natural Honey
Produce and Sell Nucs, Packages and Queens
Sell Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies

Provide Mentoring Services

Goat Milk Soap, Beeswax Candles, Pottery, Gifts

We are KY Proud certified


  • All apiaries located in KY
  • All Honey harvested from KY hives
  • All Honey packaged in KY
  • We live and work in KY

Member of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association

Member of Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association

Member of the Oldham County Beekeepers Association

Member of the Eastern Apicultural Society 

Member of the Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association

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Who are we



Yes -- We operate a full-service beekeeping store in Louisville, KY!!  We are an authorized dealer for Dadant  so if they sell it then we can sell it to you.  We are also selling woodenware from Antler Ridge, cypress equipment from Peter Zook, and protective clothing from Guardian Bee Apparel.  

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Buzz about HoneyBear Farms KY ??


We are a family-run bee farm with apiary locations in North Central KY. Local - Raw - Unfiltered Natural Honey from Kentucky!!

 HoneyBear Farms KY is owned by Joel & Ruth Gonia and Bill & Valerie Drury who raise bees to produce honey, sell bees and equipment, and provide assistance to other beekeepers.  They are active within local, state and national apiculture organizations, including Kentucky State Beekeepers Association, Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association, Kentuckiana, Oldham, Shelby and Bullit County Beekeepers Associations, and the Eastern Apicultural Society where Joel is training to become a Master Beekeeper.  Joel is also an instructor for the Midwest Master Beekeeper Program.


Our niche is selling local, natural, raw honey and raising bees acclimated to our unique climate.

Joel is fond of telling anyone who will listen that when purchasing honey, make sure to read the label!  Most honey sold wholesale and purchased in the larger grocery stores has been filtered and pasteurized to maintain color consistency and promote longer shelf life before granulating.  This process removes most of the pollen from the honey, and a lot of the natural flavor.  It is the pollen that provides medicinal benefit.  All honey labels should state where the honey came from and if it has been filtered and pasteurized, or not.  Read your labels!

Honey cannot be USDA Certified Organic in the US because the requirements are not realistic / practical for honey bees.  Honey bees may fly up to a 2-mile radius to find food and water.  So, to be assured the honey is organic, then ALL of the vegetation within a 4-mile radius of the hives must be certified organic - Not too many farms can comply. Actually, I don't know of any.  Honey from South America and other countries have different Organic Certifications that are less stringent.


It's all about the Bees !!


We're on our way to maintaining over 500 colonies, or about 25 million bees.  Give us a call and come on by for some Bee-talk, or maybe try some of our delicious HoneyBear Chocolate Comb.  Working on HoneyBear Soap, t-shirts, pottery and candles too!

Products and Services



  • Local – Raw – Unfiltered Natural Honey from Kentucky:  Strained to remove bee parts and other undesirables, then straight into your jar.  Unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized to provide the highest quality of honey and nutritional value
  • KY Nucs:   We love our KY Mutts !!  Nucs are a great way to start a new colony or expand your apiary.  We provide 5-frame Nucs during the spring upon request only.  These are KY Bees! that have been over-wintered in KY and are acclimated to our environment.  Bees are a hybrid mix of Carniolan, Italian and Russian lineage bred for mild temperament and strong honey production. 
  • Package Bees:  We are pleased to provide quality packages from Rossman Apiaries!!  Known for high quality and healthy bee stocks.  Packages are > 3 lbs. and come with mated queen -- All you need to do is install and let them go!  Delivery is anticipated for early to mid-April.
    • Bees are in limited supply and available on a first-ordered basis. Avoid disappointment. Place your order very early. Last year we completely sold out by January.
  • KY Queens:   We develop and sustain honeybees that are acclimated to the local area. Our standards require them to be hygienic, gentle and reliable producers that have the natural inclination to survive the winters.   These are KY Bees!  Bees are a hybrid mix of Carniolan, Italian and Russian lineage bred for mild temperament and strong honey production. 
  • Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies
    • As an authorized Dealer for Dadant& Sons Beekeeping Supplies, Antler Ridge Beekeeping, and Guardian Bee Apparel, we can sell you anything they sell - Purchase it from us and pick it up at our farm store in Louisville.  The most common items are listed here within our website, but you are welcome to purchase from us anything in their catolog.  Additionally, we sell handmade cypress equipment from Peter Zook.
  • Mentoring Services
    • Group Mentoring Sessions:  11 Sessions beginning February 2019 and running through November.  This program is set up to provide familiarization with beekeeping and hands-on experience for all participants. 
    • Personal Mentoring:   NewBee or need assistance with your hives?  Questions?  We're here to help, at least if you live close to the Louisville area, say 50 miles or so.  We'll come to you, lend a hand, help out where needed.  Or you can come on by our place and we'll talk bees - Management, Honey Flows, Pollinating, Harvesting, Winter Preparation - Let's do it !! 
  • Beekeeping Services
    • Honey Extraction:   A simpler way, particularly if you don't have the right equipment, is to have us do it.  You drop off your supers, we remove the capping and extract the honey, strain it to remove bee parts, and give it back to you in 5-gal buckets.   Of course we can combine this service with packaging upon request for a turn-key project.  All projects quoted based on quantities. 
    • Packaging & Bottling:   You provide the honey, we provide the bottles, machinery and labor to fill'em up!  Or, tell us what you want to do, and we'll try to make it happen!  Each project is quoted based on who does what and the quantities.  Combine this service with extraction upon request for a turn-key project.   All projects quoted based on quantities.
    • Swarm Removal:   Got a swarm?  Give us a call -- No charge if we simply remove the swarm and take it with us.  We bring all the gear to move them safely.  If the swarm is inside a building, say behind a wall or ceiling, or some place that is not easily accessible, we may need to hire a contractor at your cost.
    • Paraffin Wax Treatment:  Excellent preservative for your hive bodies - Add life to your wood!  Paraffin wax and rosin mixture.  Boxes must be clean upon arrival.  By appointment only.  Minimum 20 boxes per order:  $4.00 per box  /  $3.00 for quantities > 100 boxes
  • Goat Milk & Honey Soap:  Handmade with natural Goat Milk and HoneyBear Farms’ honey. Ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies. Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is gentle and nourishing.  Raw natural honey is a great moisturizer.  Purchase single bars or packs of 10.
  • Beeswax Candles:  We have the wax, so why not hand-make some of the best burning candles around!  Made from all-natural beeswax right out of our hives.
  • Handmade Pottery:  HoneyBear Farms unique line of handmade pottery.  
  • T-Shirts and Gifts:  HoneyBear Farms unique line of t-shirts and gifts.  

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Frequently Asked Questiions

  •  What happened to the honey bees: Honey bees have suffered greatly over the past several years due to disease, pests and poisons from commercial agriculture.  Responsible bee farmers are increasing populations and the overall colony count is now increasing - Yet we are at less than half of the total count from 2008  
  • Are Chemicals used in the hives:  Some beekeepers do, and some don't.  All chemicals and treatments used at HoneyBear Farms have been certified Organic application  
  • Is it local:  Yes -- ALL of our honey comes from hives located in North Central KY, including Jefferson, Oldham, Henry, Tremble, Shelby and Bullitt Counties.
  • How many bees in a hive:  A good honey producing hive may have 50,000 bees
  • When do you harvest honey:  We normally harvest in the late spring and early fall 
  • Do you get stung working with honey bees:  Occassionally.  They only sting when the hive is in danger.  They are wild animals - They are temperamental based on weather conditions and the actions of the beekeeper
  • Where does the honey I buy at the store come from:  Unless you see a local address from the bee farm on the label, the honey probably came from South America or China.  Over half of all bulk honey sold commercially in the US comes from out of country. Very Important to Read the Label !
  • Is granulated honey OK:  Absolutely!!  This just means it is has not been filtered or unpasteurized.  Heat the jar in warm water and it will be fine!
  • How long does it take to make honey:  The honey we eat is "surplus" food stores for the honeybee hive - They constantly eat honey as made, so we only harvest the extra. Each honey bee will make approx a teaspoon of honey over its life.  Honey bees typically live 2 - 4 months.
  • Is there really any benefit to eating local honey:  Absolutely!  Its all about the pollen.  When honey is filtered and / or pasteurized, the pollen is removed. 

HoneyBear Farms KY Upcoming Events

Here are our upcoming events we are either hosting or attending - Detail descriptions of each event are found on our Facebook Page

No upcoming events.

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Better yet, visit our Honey Depot and Apiary

The store is open six days per week, but apiary tours require an appointment, so please call in advance.

HoneyBear Farms KY, LLC

14005 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40299, United States

(502) 212-6228


We're here to help save the Bees, make a lot of Honey, and help other Beekeepers with their colonies.  Give us a call anytime!

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CNG Apiary Standards:    Promoted y Certified Naturally Grown organization and prompted by feedback from experienced beekeepers, and are supported by the latest research.   The standards are in print as the Handbook for Natural Beekeeping, 3rd edition,

"Farming feeds the world, and we must remember that pollinators are a critical ink in our food systems."  Each of us can do more to help out, even by planting specific flowers in our gardens.  These guides are a good start to better understand our responibility.

These Downloads are for your personal education and research into the world of beekeeping -- Please review responsibly and request permission prior to distribution.

Our Story

Honey Bees? Are you kidding??

Our kids wanted bees - We thought they were crazy!  To come up with new and innovative reasons to tell our kids we "cannot and will not raise bees!" we began to consider the possibilities. 😊 Ruth, who is a behavior therapist for special needs children, thought maybe the bees would be an alternative activity for our children, particularly our child with autism.  Joel, who is a commercial equipment appraiser, of course conducted exhaustive research into the practical application of becoming a bee farmer and the potential business opportunities.  After a couple years reading books and searching the internet, Joel & Ruth purchased a Starter Kit, a couple hives, and some Nucs.  We were fortunate that we had mentors from the beginning who were willing to help us out and answer our questions.  Better yet, they let us help them manage their hives and gain first-hand experience.

Bill and Valerie, along with their Junior Beekeeper Ethan have become passionate about beekeeping and the potential to help others directly through increased income, and indirectly be helping to save the bees!  Bill leads a benevolent foundation to provide clean drinking water to communities in Honduras and is now assisting with our seminars and workshops, marketing and sales.

Today we are active members in five different beekeeper associations.  Joel and Bill regularly attend beekeeping seminars and conferences.  And the books keep piling up!!   Additionally, Joel has embarked on a 5-year intensive program to become a Certified Master Beekeeper through the Eastern Appiculture Society.

Certified Naturally Grown's apiary certification standards for natural beekeeping is about as close as a beekeeper can get to becoming organic.  HoneyBear Farms has introduced these standards in our daily best practices, including use of approved treatments and management of the bees.

Yes, we sell honey and bees, but we also provide beekeeping services including mentor assistance, honey extraction and packaging, and wax treatment.  One of our passions is to help other small businesses and local charities, so we offer an expanding line of synergistic products including T-shirts, pottery, candles and soap!!

Soap for Hope

Your purchase of soap from ‘Soap for Hope’ (Part of the HoneyBear Farms' family) is proud to donate proceeds to various charities.  Our son, Nick Trout, is the founder, soap maker and genius behind the entire project to raise funds for various charities around Louisville and surrounding areas.  Nick has a kind heart and continues to raise money year-round, so please, if you ever need soap for a gift or for your home, let him know!  He’s perfecting his soap making skills to make each batch better…ask for a specific blend that you prefer as well !!

Currently he offers: Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Vanilla & Oatmeal, Peppermint, and Wild Berry.

Soaps are Goat Milk soap based and made with honey to smooth and calm the skin.  ENJOY!

Made with natural goat milk and HoneyBear Farms’ honey. Ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies. Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is gentle and nourishing.


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