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Adopt A Hive Program in Louisville Kentucky

Save the Bees!

With rapidly declining bee numbers across the US and the world, now is the most important time to make a difference and SAVE THE BEES! But without becoming a full time beekeeper, how can you do this…

Introducing the HoneyBear Farms Adopt a Hive program! Now you can protect your favorite flying pollinators, and make 40,000 new friends!

Sweet Rewards without the Sting

The bee hive will be stationed in our apiary directly on the HoneyBear Farms on 14005 Taylorsville Rd in Louisville. Your hive will receive regular check-ups by our beekeepers…and if you choose to adopt-a-hive you can even visit your hive!

HoneyBear Farms KY Adopt-a-Hive program is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or even in memoriam of a devoted honey or bee-lover. Your recipient’s gift will include everything they need to help support the honeybee population! THIS GIFT IS THE BEE’S KNEES! 

Three Tiers available

Our Adopt a Hive program allows you or your loved one the freedom to support the bees at any level.  Each level brings different rewards and expereinces, so look through to find what is the right fit for you.

Defend a hive – Our most affordable option, you receive an adoption certificate, Kentucky Wildflower honey, your name in the bee yard, and so much more!

Worker Bee – Receive everything from the Defend a hive level, up to 5 pounds of honey from your own hive, plus a whole bunch of bee themed goodies!

Queen Bee – You are the boss! We take care of your hive for the year and you reap the benefits! Everything from the first two tiers, plus up to 20 pounds of honey from your personal HoneyDepot hive and access to your hive with a HoneyDepot Beekeeper.  You rule with this option!