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Organic Honey Myth


Honey cannot be USDA Certified Organic in the US because the requirements are not realistic or practical for honey bees. Honey bees may fly up to a 2-mile radius to find food and water. So, to be assured the honey is organic, then ALL of the vegetation within a 4-mile radius of the hives must be certified organic.


Sounds impossible right?

The USDA agrees! As of 2020, honey cannot be certified organic by the USDA. Any USA Certified Organic honey sold in the United States is imported from other countries and certified organic by that country.

Honey produced in other countries may not have as rigorous requirements in their organic standards. 

our honey

Whether its allergy season or just time for some biscuits, raw honey provides the natural sweetness needed to complete any occasion. Our wildflower honey comes straight out of the hive. No additives, preservatives, or coloring. This is as close to the hive as you can get!

Our honey is harvested as close to Lousiville as possible to give you the maximum benefit.  Local honey is not only great tasting, it also is known to provide allergy relief! Joel will even use it to relieve bee and wasp stings!