Beetle Blasters


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Beetle Blasters

These are traps for hive beetles.  Natural combat beetle infestations in your hive!

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Instructions for using Beetle Blasters

Fill them 3/4s of the way to the top with cooking oil and a dash of apple cider vinegar. 2 of these should be placed in each deep box in the hive being treated.

I’m a beginner with 2 hives — I bought 1 intermediate hive and my 2 nuc colonies from them. They have been so great every step of the way. High quality products!!! …I highly recommend them for all your beekeeping needs and local bee products.

Sarah Hettel

Very knowledgeable people. Their prices are very reasonable and I enjoy taking beekeeping with them. Thank you for opening up and being so close to town. Keep up the great work.

Greg Dunn

This is an awesome place with all the supplies you need for your bees! They also sell honey and unique gifts. Joel and his staff are super friendly and helpful, and they also offer several affordable classes (beginner and intermediate) to help you along the way.

Carrie Mann