The Louisville Bee School

The Louisville Bee School will be back in the Fall!


  Join us October 15, 2022

Cedar Ridge Events Center 

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Come join us this spring for a full day of beekeeping instruction. Classes range from beginning to intermediate and are held by world renown beekeeping experts.

Full day of instruction and hands-on demonstration including: 

 Beginner, Hobbyist, and Sideliner Sessions

  • Apiary set up, pollinator plant and flower planting
  • Winter preparation and feeding
  • Oxalic Acid application and winter treatment
  • Varroa mite, pests and disease treatment
  • Queen rearing and Mite Chewing Behavior
  • Beekeeping Mentoring Programs
  • KSBA and KY Certified Honey program
  • Catching Swarms 
  • Installation of Nucs and packages
  • Making Splits – OTS method and other 
  • Beekeeping Classes and Mentoring Programs 


Past speakers have included:

Chris Renfrow Commercial Beekeeper specializing in Queen Rearing;

David Shockey President Hardin County Beekeepers Association;

Dr. Deborah Davis and Dr. Jen O’Keef KY Honey Testing Laboratory;

Joel Gonia Owner HoneyBear Farms KY and VP KY State Beekeeping Association; 

EAS Master Beekeepers John Benham and Kent Williams;

Lani Basburg Commercial Beekeeper with American National Insurance; 

Dr. Leonard Davis Veterinarian & Sideliner Beekeeper

Lesli Cobb KY Department for Public Health – Food Safety Branch;

Mike Mabry, President KY State Beekeeping Association;

OCBA Swarm Team;

Terry McDonald President Oldham County Beekeepers Association;

Dr. Tom Webster Professor of Entomology and Apiculture at KY State University;

Tammy Horn Porter Kentucky State Apiarist;

Tom Ballinger

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